Resolving Measurement Issues

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For workmanship-related complaints, please contact us via email within 2 weeks after delivery of the goods. Complaints made after this period will not be entertained.

1. Customer submits photos showing the chief complaint/s within 14 days upon product receipt. Email
2. Modern Tailor staff reviews the following:
Photos, Profile and original order details submitted, Quality paper/production paper, Additional notes/requests, Email correspondences concerning the order

3. ModernTailor staff forwards these to the production manager for further investigation.

4. ModernTailor staff presents these resolution/s to customer.

For measurement-related complaints, please submit photos to showing the wrong measurements. Take note of the proper way of measurements as specified on our Measurement guides. We follow the international standards for tolerance of production and our fabrics comply with ITF standards that require cotton fabrics to shrink less than 2%.

If ModernTailor is responsible for an issue that is easily repairable or can be modified by a local tailor, ModernTailor offers up to $20 alteration credit per item.

If you submitted wrong measurements/style, we will either remake or alter the fabric at your full expense.

If ModernTailor is at fault, we will handle full cost of alteration/remake. If it's easier to have a local tailor alter this for you, we can offer a service credit to be used for future order.

For shipping-related complaints:
If you provided wrong address, you will need to contact the transporter to have it re-routed to the correct address. This may have re-routing fee. You will need to shoulder the cost. If the order is urgent, we will remake and rush ship it at your full expense.

If ModernTailor provided the wrong address to transporter, ModernTailor will handle full re-shipment costs. If the order is urgent, we will remake and rush ship it to you at no extra cost.

The above resolutions are general guidelines. We review the complaints in a case-to-case basis. It is always best that you contact customer service at for any concern you may have so they can provide better resolutions for you.

Updated as of January 2016.

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Updated Production & Delivery Times

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Standard production for shirts and delivery is within 3 weeks for non-peak periods (21 business days).  Our peak months are from October to March.

We provide expedite production ($5/shirt) and expedite delivery* ($8/shirt) to produce and deliver orders within 18-20 business days. Expedite production option is not available during peak periods.

For suits, and jackets, production takes 40 business days. While pants and vests takes 18-21 business days to make. Please email for requests for shipment follow ups.

All lead times do not include weekends and holidays.

*NOTE! Expedite delivery is not applicable to Russia, Nigeria and Brazil-bound packages and for orders which include imported fabrics.

Update as of April 2016.

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Modern Tailor Red Collection

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Worldwide Delivery
Free delivery for orders over $150
$49.95 each shirt
100% Cotton
Custom tailored to your measurements













View the entire RED Collection range.

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Understanding Modern Tailor Fabrics

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Modern Tailor has more than 1000 fabrics for custom shirts and suits. These fabrics come in different thread counts, weaves, patterns, fibers, etc.   It helps to know the elements of a high quality shirt or suit fabric when it comes to creating a great garment.
Here’s a list of the elements to consider in choosing Modern Tailor fabrics:
  • Fabric Types
  • Ply / Thread Count
  • Treatments
  • Fabric Source
  • Fabric Weight
  • Shrinkage 
Type of Fabrics
The majority of our fabrics is 100% cotton. We also have linen and cotton/ polyester blend shirt fabrics.  For suits, jackets, and pants, we have:
✓100% Pure Wool
✓Wool (5% Polyester & 95% wool)
Ply & Thread Count
The ply indicates the thickness of a thread with which the fabric is woven. It is the number of yarns twisted together to make a single thread.
Thread count refers to the number of fabric threads woven together per square inch of fabric.
We recommend thread counts from 60s to 80s if you are looking for a thicker fabric material. If you prefer a more comfortable, silky feel, you may wish to opt for the 200s.
Our non-iron fabrics use liquid ammonia and moist cure finishing treatment. Non-iron fabrics are more resistant to wrinkles.
Meanwhile, easy care fabrics require minimal ironing, have a better drying, and crease recovery properties.
The executive collections are fabrics mainly from Italy and Japan, although some are from other countries.
These 2-ply fabrics usually have a thread count of 80s to 100s.
Wool Fabrics
Our wool fabric collection is categorized into three.
Pure Wool, Wool, and Anglo Saxon Wool.
Wool Fabircs
Suit Fabric Weight
Our suit fabrics weighs around 280gr/mt to 300gr/mt.
(gr/mt = gram per linear meter)
All our fabrics are pre-shrunk, compliant with ITF (Industrial Textile Fabrics) standards that require cotton fabrics to shrink less than 2%. Any other residual shrinkage is considered in the shirt construction process.
We have included icon guides in our fabrics. Here’s what the icons mean:
logo meaning

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Anatomy of the Collar: How to customize a shirt’s collar

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Great style catches everyone’s attention. To become more stylish, you'd need to master the basics. Let's start with arguably the most important part of the shirt: The Collar.
The collar may be considered as the greatest determinant of style in a dress shirt. It is the frame that enhances your facial features.

Anatomy of Collar
Back Height – the height of the collar as it sits on the neck
Tie Space – the area above the collar button
Collar Band – the fabric that loops around the neck
Point Length – the distance from the collar band to the collar point
Collar Spread – the distance between the collar points
Collars are typically and historically used to show individuality. The collar style balances our facial attributes and improves our facial strengths.

Here are several ways to customize your collars for your Modern Tailor shirt:
1) Choose the collar lining
For a more formal look, choose a stiff collar lining.
For a more relaxed appearance, choose common to soft collar lining.
2) Collar Stay
Choose a sewn- in collar stay to permanently stabilize the collar points. The more flexible option however is to choose a removable collar stay.
3) Back height Collar Button
Back height collar button is not just there as an accessory, but to keep the collar from flapping, especially for those who are physically active.
4) Contrast Collar or contrast internal collar
Show ingenuity by adding different colors.

There are surely a lot of ways to elevate the style of your dress shirt by customizing your collar style. So we invite you to sign up and experiment with the designs you can create to differentiate yourself.
A man who knows himself has a unique sense of style.

Below is a quick guide on how you can customize your collar style using Modern Tailor's unique online control panel.

After choosing your fabric, customizing the collar is the second step in designing a Modern Tailor shirt. 

Select which collar style you’d like to proceed with.

The last section is choosing your collar lining and collar stay. You can also change its color and add a button on back height. Another option in this step is adding a tie.

Dress Shirts by ModernTailor Moderntailor News Dress Shirt and Men's Fashion Tips