Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Make your Mama Proud!

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Do something special for mom this Mother's Day!


1. Flowers never fail to make mom smile.
2. Cook her favorite meal for a change! Remember all those years that she made you those lovely meals.
3. A simple hug. Show up at her door step and give her a tight thank you hug. Dress your best with ModernTailor custom tailored shirts. Make your mom proud!

It's not as good unless it's custom fit. - ModernTailor


Thursday, April 16, 2009

ModernTailor Video

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

High Quality Fabrics and Excellent Craftsmanship

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We take every care in production of our suits and shirts,
Our quality standards are detailed below

All of our fabrics all comply with ITF standards (French Textile Institute).

Fabrics maintains its colours.

Shrinkage: Fabrics comply with ITF standards that require cotton fabrics to shrink less than 2%. When cotton fibres come into contact with water they tend to shrink, thus the shirt gets smaller. On low quality fabrics, shrinkage can be up to 6 to 8%. You can be assured that we use only the finest quality cotton to ensure that our made to measure shirts stay the same size they were originally made.

Choices of our fabrics, We have currently around 1000 choices of fabrics in our stock and we are buying and uploading new fabrics collection every 2 weeks on our website

From June we estimate to upload 20 new shirts fabrics every week.

From now we can provide you the info about the fabric fabrication (Cotton/ polyester/ spandex, linen, Nylon etc)/ yarn count/ Construction/width/ Finishing.

Production Quality

In shirt production, we use a 21 stitches/inch standard, which ensures the garment is sturdy. Our sleeve holes are done with double stitching called English stitching. Our hems never exceed 2mm, proof of the details and skill of our tailors. Our collar edges are cleanly finished. In addition we use invisible stitching for our inside finishing in order to optimize your comfort. Our striped shirts have matching shoulder and arm pieces.

All of our shirts are made in China,

Our capacity of the production 200-300 custom made shirts/ day

Cutting Commitment

All our shirts are cut by hand. Our production tolerance standards are detailed below.(in this case they should provide us shirt size )

Specification Tolerence
Collar +- 0,5 cm total circumference
Shoulder length +-0,6 cm total length
Chest size +- 2,0cm Total circumference
Waist size +- 2,0 cm Total circumference
Hip size +- 2,0 cm Total circumference
Sleeve length +-1,0 cm Total length

Delivery time 14days for our customers, 7-10 working days (include shipping) for resellers. If the customer has their own fedex account it would be faster. cuz we spent 2-3days for the production

ModernTailor - http://www.moderntailor.com
Fashion Tips - http://shirtshirtshirt.blogspot.com

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Why Buy ModernTailor Custom Tailored Shirts?

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1. Free Delivery for all standard sized shirts
2. Lowest custom tailoring price
3. Widest collection of high quality fabrics
4. Convenience of designing your own shirts online
5. Sit and wait at home for your shirts



Monday, April 6, 2009

ModernTailor is looking for affiliates!

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Every week, hundreds of customers are loving the convenient, bespoke tailoring experience from Moderntailor.

Many happy Moderntailor customers can now earn 15% commission for every friend they refer to ModernTailor website. How?

ModernTailor affiliate program encourages customers to sign up for an affiliate account. All they have to do is to enter their customer details and they will get a customized sign up link from Moderntailor. They can give this personalized Moderntailor link to their friends and colleagues. Any sign up originating from the personalized link will be credited to the customer's account.

Refer your friends and colleagues now!



Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fashion Trends 2009

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Fashion doesn't seem to feel the pressures of recession.

In 2005, US$5.3 billing was spent on clothing and apparel in USA alone. This revenue surpassed computer / technology hardware and accessories sale.

This fashion demand doesn't just represent USA. Europe has also been considered the top clothing importer from 2006 to 2008.

The advent of technology further blows up the revenue expectations of the fashion industry. In UK, internet shopping rose up to 30% in 2005. Retailer websites like Marks & Spencer boast 24 million website visitors in 2004.

But the fashion trends are taking a different spin with the rise of online custom clothing. Customers online are now saying that they would pay extra just to have their clothing fitted.

This is the basic need of the changing market. Moderntailor has addressed this customized tailoring need through its expert control panel online. Customers all over the world is now able to directly contact low cost but experienced tailors and use high quality raw materials at factory prices.

Why are customers choosing Moderntailor?

1. High quality, huge range of fabrics
2. Online design capability
3. Worldwide delivery
4. Custom tailored clothing

Moderntailor gives shirts to customers just the way they want it, need it and prefer it.